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My Truth

"I believe in surrounding yourself with people that bring you up in life, those that have a similar vision for the world as a collective by creating a global tribe, as this strengthens purpose for service and harmony in our world. Here are a few people from my tribe who are taking action in awareness of Social consciousness, Political consciousness and Spiritual consciousness..."

Dive In Deck

Dive In Deck

DiveinDeck™ is like a cosmic permission slip to put down your devices and DIVE IN to deep and meaningful connection with yourSelf and others. Each unique conversation card features an igniting question or statement paired with inspiring visual art, serving as an access point for inquiry & exploration. There are no rules, every answer is right, and evolution is totally allowed. Choose a card and DIVE IN!

Natalia has a lil' cameo in the video for DiveinDeck, check it out!

100th Seed

The first step to making a change, is having the awareness that change is necessary. In this world, the norm is an inherent disconnection with our food source, dis-empowerment of entire populations through seed control and genetic manipulation. We must take an unbiased, fearless approach in becoming aware of the current systems in place. By becoming in tune with the state of our current food systems and theologies, we can begin our journey of breaking away from a world of SICK-ness to create a world WELL-being. As we look to the ways of our ancestors, we unlock our true potential as stewards of this land, honoring our birthright to bring and maintain balance in nature.

Jessie Standafer

Jessie and Standafer

A musical activist for love, Jessie uses her music to celebrate ways humans can co-create more peace, love, empathy, & acceptance on the planet. By returning to the roots of pop music, she uses music to engage in a conversation about social issues and ways we can make the world a better place. With a voice like honey & lightning, Jessie has a willingness to create music that defies easy categorization while dipping her most likely bubblegum pink painted toes into IndiePop, Tribal, Indie, & ConsciousPop. She's a musical revolutionary for consciousness, a combination of sweetness & baddassery…and love, always love.


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Eleni Simos

Eleni Simos is a certified Holistic Health Coach and graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Known as "The Clean Eating Chick," she is dedicated to educating people on the importance of healthier habits, self-love and a positive mindset for optimal health. Eleni shares her recipes, healthy lifestyle tips and coaching services through her blog thecleaneatingchick.com