I feel it in the drums.
The love, the love, the love
I feel it in my heart,
The bass it fills me up.

Got me feeling like Ohhhh
Much brighter the Sun
Got me feeling like Ohhhh
Ive never felt so warm
And it got me feeling

Like its a Beautiful Day, It's a Beautiful Day
When I'm walking through the storm
When my radio's on, nothing can go wrong
It takes me away, when the world is at war
And it got me feeling.

I'm feeling the guitar
The beauty of the strum
The keys they take me far
Nothing can hold me down

Got me feeling like Ohhhh
Much brighter the Sun
Got me feeling like Ohhhh
Ive never felt so warm
And it got me feeling


La da da da da da da da da x2

Clouded reflection so I couldn't see
Cause I was hearing what
everyone else thought of me.
I use to let it get the best of me
Always believing in their negativity

Pre-chorus A:
But I'm breaking through
Finding the truth
Beyond the walls of tears and lies
I've changed my thoughts
I've changed my mind
Of how I want to live my life

No longer afraid
Cause now I can see
All the beautiful in me X2

My universe responds
To how I love me
So I gotta remember
To do it consciously
I use to let it get the best of me
Them trying to break my dreams
Cause they live theirs in fear

Pre-chorus B:
But I'm breaking through
Finding the truth
Beyond the box of fears and lies
You are confined by nothing else
Then by the walls you build yourself


I no longer take things so personal
Cause I've learned the way they treat you
Directly reflects how they feel about themselves.
How they fell about themselves


Staring in the mirror,
I realize real eyes
see through the lies
I see strength, I don't see pain
I see beauty, No more shame
I am me, I am free

Breakaway from yesterday
Through the storm and rain
Just to see the light of day
Just to see the light of day
Regrets and pains of my mistakes
I'm not looking back today
Not gonna walk that way
Not gonna walk that way

Break away,break away
Break away, Don't hold back from it

Clearer than the moonlit sky
I see the world with wiser eyes.
Loving myself, forgiven myself
Life between reality
Faded pictures of my dreams
But I'm holding the brush
On my canvas of trust



I face fear in the face
That's what's being brave
It's not that I'm not scared
It's that Im standing here
The pain from these scars are real
But it showed me how to feel
Stars can't shine without darkness
Now I'm brighter and healed


So I said Good bye
You'll always be a part of me
Bittersweet melody
So I'm thanking you
I've loved and lost,
I thought you were the one for me
Broken harmony
So I'm thanking you
For this broken love song

When we were in love
I had a song
A chorus and a bridge
But no verse to carry on
A minor fourth
It felt so sweet
But the rhythms broken now
My heart has changed its beat


I gave my heart to you
But it didn't stand a chance
For this hopeless love
A fairytale romance
We tried and tried
But we did not last
This songs my closure
Cause I need to heal my past


Staring at this blank page
thinking of you my inspiration
came from you,
it came from you and you and
you and you and you. X2


Visualizing my life at a distance,
Without resistance, i'm my eyes
Always feeling like i'm not from here
But that i belong here, I chose this life

How dare you tell me how my life's supposed to be
You don't know me, you don't own me
Rainbow warrior guided by the sun, the moon stars
Gaia told me, that she loves me

Ohhh, I just wanna dance the freedom song
Its the groove where we belong. X4

I recognize the light inside of you dear
Theres nothing to fear, its in your mind
Death is just a transition from here
To another dimension in space in time.

Don't let them tell you how your life's supposed to be
Stop complaining, starts creating
Goddess power harnessing thats all inside of me
I'm manifesting, I'm manifesting


Child of the universe you're meant to be here
Purposely conceived to live in harmony
Im not gonna wait for the world to change,
Im gonna be the change. Nothing's gonna stay the same
Im not gonna place the blame cause it starts with me


What do you ache for?
And would you risk it all
If it meant it was now in your hands?
Who did you heart first break to?
Where do you fears lead you to?
And do you take the time to reflect?

I wanna know if you dare to stand alone
and fight for justice in the things that you find wrong
I wanna know if you dare to speak your truth
Even if your voice is trembling inside of you

I've very little interest in your car,
What i wanna know is whats driving your heart
Im not interested in the brands that you wear
Unless the hands of labor were paid all in fair


I wanna know if you dare to dance alone
Because the music lights your heart up in the song
I wanna know if you dare to speak out loud
And be the voice of the voiceless in a crowd

I've very little interest in your sign
But i wanna know is if you'll take the time
To sit with the pain of your past mistakes
Instead of drinking them away will you be brave?

Find you most beautiful when your talking
To me about your dreams
I find you beautiful when you're laughing
Straight from your belly
I find you beautiful
When you don't know I'm watching
Its the heart in you, the soul in you
Im interested in

---CHORUS A---

Something ought to waken the moment now
Something ought to fuel the fire in your heart
Something ought to bring the best inside your mind
And something ought to make you see and fight for what is right

Cause im shattered into pieces
Broken down never fit again
Im shattered and im bleeding
Don't know if ill ever heal again

Cause im Shattered
Im shattered over you x2>

How does life go on with all this pain?
How can i pretend that nothings changed?
And how can you just turn away
And act like we don't bleed the same
If i am hurt, so are you
You're another me
Im another you


Cause nobody has to live this way, Oh
Closing your eyes doesn't make this go away
Are you looking at me?
Tell me what do you see?
Im staring at broken pieces of what my life used to be
Have you no empathy?
Im staring at Broken pieces, Broken pieces


Verse 1:
I've never felt a love like this before.
Come run away with me,
Lets dream of how we can change the world.
How funny,
How life brought me to you and you to me,
How differently, things could've been had
I not stayed or given in to you.

So lets lay on a mountain top
And draw shapes on clouds
Till the moon comes up,
Let us shout out loud
What it is we feel babe,
You, know its real babe.
No one can ever deny
The dream of you and I.

Verse 2:
Take me,
I'm yours through all the thick and thin
Encouragement and Trust is how we'll win
You inspire me
To be a better me, to see what I can achieve
So take this baby,
Lets run with it, lets ride it through our destiny.


The day came,
You're running through my veins
The moonlight she now reigns
over me.
I pray you feel my love everyday
Through the sunshine & the rain
You're the fan to my flame.

The day I get to hold you in my arms
I'll feel the tenderness of life
Let me be your guide
Cause baby I'm your momma
What and honor it is to hold you inside

Wherever you are.... Baby
I'm never too far...... Honey
I'll be there with you.. Sugar
Cause my love is true

No matter what your life will bring
My love will be in everything
No matter how far you will go
I wanna make sure that you know
That my love is for you



Verse 1:
Fell off the bed today
As the sun came peeping through
I opened up my shades
To see the rising truth

The Herb in my tea
Has woken my third eye-eye-eye
the light in my soul
Found love and wings to fly

Im just gonna be me
Let my spirit fly free
Be a lover of life
Inspired by man
Motivated by love
Break the chains to freedom
Dont need your glory
Got my own story
Of who i am.
This is who I really am...

Verse 2:
This birth of clarity
My Universal truth
If you wanna follow me,
You've got to follow you.

Don't shadow my dance
Just let your own light shine-shine-shine
Keep your toes on the ground
While your fingers touch the sky


The tears i had
The good, the bad
Are pieces of me
I've battled fear,
Its led me here
And now i finally see...


Now you see the possibilities
of how the world looks through my eyes
I have faith in humanity. No borders in my mind
There's a love inside your heart
With no religion and no race
Longing to be free in us
Compassionate ways

No more violence, no more war
No more bloodshed, let's end it all
I want peace and I want love
I'm not alone. Let's send it out

Ahhhoohhhhoohoo x4

Life in the darkness of who we are
It's time to light the fire
And fuel the passion in our heart
Altruist desire.



I believe in
You and me and
The magic of life

Let's come together and
Make it better
And open up our eyes

I believe in
You and me and
The power of our Minds

Let's come together and
Make it better
And open up our eyes