Hello! I know this "Bio" section in a website is typically written up by someone else, clinically describing  accolades and personal history, but I wanted to stay personal to you and share a bit of who I really am in my own words (by the way, "Who I Really Am" is the title of one of my songs). 

I was born and raised in Sydney, Australia. Both my parents had escaped El Salvador during the infamous civil war in the 80's as refugees with Anmesty International to Australia to start a new life of opportunities for their growing family. 

I feel incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to be raised in Australian as it gave me eyes of appreciation for our Aboriginal culture that lead me to yearn to learn about my indigenous Mayan roots of Central America. (please view my "Heritage" video bio on the right coloumn --->).
I like to approach to life as authentic as I can, whether that means being a goofball or allowing my vulnerability to be a place of connection for myself with others. As Marianne Williamson says: "And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.", I too hope to inspire others to shine. 

I like to describe myself as "conscious lyricist" who writes "Conscious Pop" as every time I put pen to paper, when I write my songs, I AM consciously choosing a topic or an experience that can inspire, move or motivate someone to love themselves a little deeper, appreciate our world a little more or to empower you to fight for a better world.

I grew up rocking the Latino music scene in Sydney since my early teens (please view my "musical journey" video bio on the right ----> ). Being influenced by not only my Australian upbringing but my Latino roots, and travels, I like to incorporate these elements in my music as well.

I AM currently living in New York City working on my first EP based on my own beliefs and lessons in making the world a better place. Im motivated by love and humanity and aim to bring a gracious inspiration of self acceptance. 

To me, music is a powerful tool that may not stop a war, but can Bring  tears to the eyes of a soldier. 

I want my Conscious Music to be the rebirth of the 70's movement in social and political change and a spiritual evolution in the modern platform of pop as I feel it has the most impact on impressionable hearts. Tomorrows leaders need to hear more words that tell them they are good enough, that tell them they are amazing, that tell them to forgive themselves, becuase they are amazing. My lyrics vary from subtle to confrontational, with a catchy melody will always be prevalent, I'd like my music to be radio friendly, and accessible to all ages. (Please view my "Bio" video ---->)

I'm a seasoned live stage performer and love performing live, the energy of the musicicans around me, the sounds of the drums grooving, the feel of the guitars, the smile of the faces in the audience, the dancing, the air, the atmosphere is priceless. I feel most free when Im on stage, releasing my voice in full glory in the words that fill my heart, theres nothing like it, the stage always calls to me. In saying all that, I aim to be performing with my band as much as I can. I will also be releasing all the songs on my EP throughout the year. I released my debut single, "Beautiful Day" on June 30th last year (2015) and am honored to have the opportunity to release my other music to you throughout. Songs that will encourage you, songs you can relate to, songs that may move you and hopefully awaken something inside of you that wants to come out. 

Artist Bio

Here I explains a little more on who I am as an Artist.

Musical Journey

This is my musical journey of how i got from Australia, to New York and everything in between.


I'm always being asked where I'm from and whats my heritage because my accent always throws people off, here I explain...